Stir Food Memories?

Stir a Memory - an arts project starts conversations and builds community by inviting people to share and view food memories.

I find that memories of food are tinged with the ache of nostalgia, of lost appetites, unfulfilled hungers...Not all food memories are happy. Many are sad, some memories make us mad to this day and of course some make us laugh. Evoking these events reminds me that food is about more than eating. I now know that food is about connecting across spaces.

Stirring memories is a way of starting conversations about ourselves, our relationships, indeed our place in the world in relation to others. Since 2010 I have received scores of food memories on postcards. You can see some on this site.

The food memory project led to other projects. The BeFriend, Remember Kindness,...and it continues...

For more information and to host a food memory workshop please contact me at:

Krina Patel

Food Memory Workshop/Event Photos